Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Memorial Weekend: Family Events Galore

The weekend of Memorial Day brought several events. Heidi, her sister, Brea, and their father, George, traveled to the Philadelphia area to attend Amanda Fedinetz's wedding on Saturday. Few members of the Fedinetz family were able to attend due to health, family and other reasons, but the bride (Amanda) was very grateful to those of her family who could attend. It was beautiful, albeit hot, for the event and all in attendance enjoyed the day. George and Heidi drove throughout the night to get home for Sunday, so that they could easily attend the next event: a family picnic/reunion of sorts for the Zombek's & Nichols' families. Again blessed with some beautiful weather, all in attendance were able to enjoy the afternoon. Memorial Day itself brought much needed home time for Paul and Heidi. They worked on "Operation Curb Appeal" from late morning to early evening, trimming shrubbery, cleaning up the trimmings, digging out the dead plant-life and putting in the new plant-life. A picture of the summer-ready exterior will soon be posted.

The creative genius of Paul and Heidi's minds lent Grandma Zombek and Uncle Nick a video camera so that they could contribute to Heidi's on-going geneaology research. Heidi is anxious to watch/listen to the video and transcribe the audio to synthesize the stories that make her family history interesting.

While it was somewhat of an exhausting weekend, it was nice to spend time with members of both sides of the family. The weather was cooperative, the food was scrumptious, and the fellowship shared was great.