Sunday, December 6, 2009


We had a little snow fall on Saturday, December 5th. It put us girls (Natalie, Jess and me) in a romantic, "yay for winter and Christmas" kind of mood. I don't ice skate much. Actually, I think I can count the times I've ice skated in my life on one hand. After dinner on Friday night (Dec. 4), Jess, Natalie and I decide to go ice skating, and Yi-Ting planned to join us after she fulfilled a prior commitment. I did manage to fall once in classic style. Jess and Natalie were on each side of me, my skate hit a divot in the ice and I fell forward. Thank goodness that we were holding hands because Jess and Natalie prevented me from doing a total face-plant in the ice! Overall, we had a good time. I'd go again...but not right away. (In the picture is me, Natalie and Jess.)

Another evening of fun was planned for after the Essence of Joy concert on December 11th.We went to Champs to eat, drink, be merry, shoot pool, and enjoy each others' company. I've never been a really great at shooting pool, but I've always enjoyed playing. One of our topics of conversation dealt with my poor skills in both pool and bowling, yet my grandfather used to always put us in the bowling alley or pool table to keep us (my brother, sister and me) out of trouble. Hmm...anyhow... (In the picture is Tzu-Yi.)

Sunday, December 13th was the annual Zombek women's pierogi making ritual. The afternoon was filled with laughter, Christmas songs, reminiscing (and some tears to go along with the reminiscing), food, drink and lots and LOTS of pierogis. We uphold the Polish tradition of my great-grandmother, Josephine Zombek, who did this with my mom and aunts when I was a little girl. The pierogi making is in preparation for the traditional Polish Christmas Eve dinner, Wigilia (pronounced Vleeya). Of course, getting to my Aunt Jody's house was the challenge, because of the freezing rain/ice situation that moved through Pennsylvania during my drive home. Nonetheless, it was a good time once I arrived. (In the picture from top is my mom, Aunt Jody, Grandma and then sister, Brea.)

The week of finals (Dec. 14-18) brought the Amelia Rollings' voice studio recital. I was blessed to have a few wonderful friends and family in the audience: Mom, Dad, Brea (sister), Paul, Jess, Natalie, Xavier, and Zach. After the event, Natalie, Xavier and I went to Otto's for a quick but nice dinner and shenanigans ensued for a little while. Yes, that is silly string in the picture with Natalie and me.

Overall, fun has been had. Time has been well-spent and not wasted. Much has been learned and accomplished this semester and I am looking positively at the next semester, even though it will definitely be bringing me a TON of work in multiple areas. I have great friends, wonderful family and many blessings for which I am thankful.

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